Verbeek Uitzendbureau
Lingsendijk 15 | 5941 NK Velden
T (077) 472 9125

It is important that you arrive on time, comfortably and safely at work. Verbeek Employment Agency has its own cars that are recognizable by the blue Verbeek logo. If you go to work with four or fewer people, you will receive a small company car. If more people have to go to a certain destination, this can be done with a transporter bus (9 people) or a touring-car (for more than 40 people). After work, you drive home or you will be picked up.

In the Netherlands, almost all our clients are bound by a Collective Labor Agreement (CAO), depending on which sector you are going to work in, the wages of the relevant CAO apply. Hours, overtime and other allowance hours are paid following the hirer's collective labour agreement. The Verbeek cooperation partner, which takes care of salary processing, is affiliated with the Algemene Bond Uitzendonderneming (ABU).

More services:

  • Week salary
  • SNF certified houses
  • Transport to and from work
  • Collective health insurance
  • Assistance with administrative matters
  • Enough work in the region
  • Verbeek office speaks your language