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The Netherlands is the global market leader in horticultural products. Horticultural products are trees, vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, flower bulbs and mushrooms. Dutch horticultural sectors have this in common; they grow the highest quality products in greenhouses or outdoors in the garden. They are able to get those products to the consumer as fresh as possible, all over the world.

They do a lot of research on new products and techniques. Horticulture also includes gardeners who create and maintain gardens, parks and sports fields.

The roots of Verbeek employment agency lie in horticulture. Whether it is picking peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers in greenhouses or open ground cultivation, fruit cultivation, arable farming, potted plants or animal care, we offer the following functions in this industry: harvest workers, leaf pickers, animal keepers.

The horticultural sector is an international and highly innovative sector with challenging jobs and offers sufficient employment. Take a look at our vacancies in this sector to see if there is a suitable vacancy for you.

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