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Food production

Industria alimentară

The food industry is an important sector for the Dutch economy and employment. It consists of companies that process raw materials into food on an industrial scale.

Safety and hygiene are very important in food production and must be guaranteed. Under the food industry, you can include almost all products that you buy in the supermarket; cheese, biscuits, lettuce, but also toothpaste and soap.

Working hygienically and carefully is very important in this industry, that goes without saying. Do you like to be busy and do you like to roll up your sleeves, then working in this industry is something for you. The activities are diverse, such as folding boxes, labelling and vacuuming. Carrying and preparing the products is also discussed, as well as keeping the various machines clean, guarding and checking.

Verbeek has the following functions available in this sector: production personnel, machine operators.

Verbeek employment agency has sufficient, challenging positions in this industry, there are career opportunities and even following a subject-oriented course is possible. Take a look at our vacancies to see if there is a suitable vacancy for you.

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