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Metal Industry

Industria metalurgică

The metal sector is an important part of the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. Many companies deal with metal. Metal can be processed and used in many ways. Everyone deals with metal every day, it is all around us.

In this sector you have to be able to handle tools well, often machines are used to process the metal in the desired way. The materials used are very diverse. You will have to deal with (stainless) steel and aluminium, among other things. Welding comes into play in this sector. Some examples of professions in this sector are: welder MIG / MAG and TIG (also for aluminium), sheet metal worker, CNC / conventional milling and turning machine, sharpeners.

The metal industry is a dynamic industry where determined and independent working is important and some experience is a must. Verbeek employment agency has sufficient work in this industry with plenty of career opportunities, even following specialist courses to the possibilities. Take a look at our vacancies to see if there is a suitable vacancy for you.

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