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The construction sector is the sector that produces all kinds of construction works (including houses). We are surrounded by houses, buildings, roads and dykes. The construction industry is characterized by working in and with technology. We also work in large factories, for the pre-processing of products. So if you have an affinity with working in technology, the execution (doing) and a carpenter's eye and you like to work both indoors and outdoors, this is the industry for you. You do construction work because you enjoy working with your hands.

Think of working in stable construction, utility construction or residential construction in the following functions: concrete mat layers, concrete box makers, concrete pourers, carrying, plasterers, carpenters, painters, tilers.

In this industry there is always enough work and a shortage of good professionals, there are career opportunities and even opportunities to follow specialist courses to get even better at your job. Look at our vacancies to see if there is a suitable vacancy for you.

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